How To Get Rid Of Warts On Hands,Feet etc.

Warts on handsGenerally, warts found on hands and/or feet look like a little rough growth. But they can show up on other parts of the body such as the eyelids, face, arm, neck and so forth and can look like a solid blister or a cauliflower. Warts on hands are caused by viral infection – precisely by Human Papillomavirus 2 or 7 which are commonly known as HPV. There are over ten varieties of warts which are considered to be mostly benign and not cancerous. But they are contagious; as such one can get them from other people. They usually enter human body via an area of broken skin. Typically, they disappear after a couple of months but could last for years and reoccur. Nowadays, warts on hands are very common and there are hundreds of thousands of people suffering from this viral infection. These little growths can surface on human skin at any period of time simply because of HPV (human papillomavirus). As I have earlier mentioned, warts on hands are harmless but they are embarrassing to have. Also, they are uncomfortable to leave with because they can be very scratchy and bleed if irritated which often cause the skin around them to become painful.

Warts on hands – How Best To Treat?

There are a lot of ways through which you can get rid of warts on hands or some other parts of the body. Though warts did recur in most painful cryosurgery and burning acids treatment options you might have actually tried before now, but the key to remove warts permanently is to engage a treatment that allows for immune system build up. This will really help to get rid of the infection forever. This method is natural treatment that makes use of natural products and ingredients to remove warts without scarring, pain and harsh treatments found in most surgical and traditional methods. Typically, each and every treatment method has its own pros and cons; as a result, you have to warily check out the different methods before embarking on any. Before I move any further, let us briefly talk about the surgical method that can help to remove warts on hands and other areas. Surgical method of warts removal: ordinarily, surgery is one of the rapidest and most reliable options to get rid of unwanted infections on human body. It is no difference for warts on hands as it is the fastest way to remove warts from the body. Aside being the fastest treatment method, it has quite a number of disadvantages. Usually, it is very expensive and could cost around two hundred dollars per one wart. So if a patient has lots of warts, it could perhaps cost him/her a fortune to remove them all. However, surgery could permanently leave scars on your skin to the extent that you may not even be able to remove them. But the process is very fast that can have those unwanted warts removed within a few days.

Natural methods of warts removal for warts on hands

Natural methods of warts removal: warts on hands can be got rid of via the use of natural ingredients. Unlike the surgical methods, these natural ingredients are quite cheap and are even hundred times more inexpensive than surgery. Most of these natural ingredients do exclusively remove warts whilst in some cases you will have to prepare a mixture from two or more ingredients. One major shortcoming of this method is that it requires a lot of time. While the natural or traditional wart removal products require just about twenty minutes to start dissolving the infection, this natural method may require a month or more before it can be effective. During this period of time, you (the patient) would have to be applying the ingredients on the warts each and every day. Natural Products: as I have rightly mentioned above, there are a couple of natural proven products that could solve your warts problem within two or three weeks of use. Usually, these products include the admixture of several ingredients in a proper proportion. You will apply the product (the mixture) on your skin; it will penetrate warts and removes them from the inside. This method of removing warts on hands is very common because it is more affordable than the surgical method and also it is faster than making use of the natural ingredients. The natural treatments of warts on hands are readily available over the internet. Quite a number of them center on boosting the immune system so it can compete more aggressively with the human papillomavirus (HPV) whilst others concentrate on direct contact to get rid of the existing warts. Some of these natural treatments include;

  • • Banana skins: you will apply tis directly on the warts • Aloe Vera extract: also apply directly on the blemish • Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms: these mushrooms have been proven to be amongst the best immune system boosters, thus using them will strengthen your immune system to fight with the virus • Increased uptake of multi-vitamin supplements and even vitamin C

Although warts on hands and other parts of the body is not cancerous but it is embarrassing and even uncomfortable to have; as such, this piece of article will not be complete without telling you what to do to avoid picking up warts.

Suggestions To Avoid Picking Up Warts on Hands

Below are just a few suggestions on how to avoid picking up the infection; • Do not share face flannels or towels with somebody else, even your own family members. • Do not be tempted to itch warts • If you are visiting a public swimming pool, it is proper to wear footwear until you get into the pool. This will cover any form of cut on your foot • Also if you want to make use of communal shower, it is ideal to be on footwear such as sandals • Whenever you touch your own wart, ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands before touching any part of your body or someone else • Do not touch somebody else’s wart as you can pick up the virus through this • Do not bite a wart as this can cause it to spread on some other parts of your body • Whenever you are to shave a part of your body that contains wart, you really have to be very careful not to get it cut. Be sure to check out my personal recommendation on removing warts on hands: Moles,Warts and Skin Tags Removal.

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