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Wart Removal

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Wart removal – nobody likes having warts or even saying the word–and that also includes me. But wart sufferers can take heart, because complete wart removal is possible, although not always easy, due to the fact that warts can reappear after they have been removed, until the virus is gone from your system.

The human papilloma virus causes warts. It is a viral infection that includes at least 10 common varieties of warts and most of these types of warts are harmless although they can be annoying. Warts may appear as a bump or a cluster of bumps on the skin or under the sin. They can appear on your hands, feet, face and other places on your body. Warts are contagious and can be caught from other people. The virus usually enters the body from an area of skin that is dry, cracked and broken. Warts can disappear on their own in a short period of time and they can reappear. Sometimes, they can even last for years.

Wart Removal Does Not Have To Mean Surgery

There are various methods of treatment for wart removal. Some of these methods for common warts include salicylic acid, laser therapy and duct tape. Before you attempt any wart removal treatment, make sure you that what you have really is a wart by going to the doctor or researching photographs to compare what you have with what you see in the pictures of common warts.

Although most people don’t want to tell you about wart removal, I will share with you my experience as a mother who had to help her child get rid of painful warts on her feet. This is a true story.

One day my teenage daughter started complaining that something was bothering her foot. Upon examination, we noticed that there was a brown-gray colored bump that sort of looked like a blister but it was under the skin. I said, “It’s a wart.”

My daughter asked how to remove the wart, and I grimaced thinking about the process, knowing that my daughter is not the best or easiest patient. I told her I would take her to the doctor, but that it wasn’t going to be fun and it might hurt just a bit. This is not easy for a mom to say to her kid, but I did–because I always tell it straight, even if it hurts.

We got to the dermatologist a week later because of school schedules and appointment scheduling, and by that time the wart virus had spread all over the bottom of her foot and the top of her toes, and now she had a dozen plantar warts.

Freezing As A Way Of Wart Removal

The doctor came in and took a look at her foot and then proceeded to spray her foot with salicylic acid that actually freeze burns the warts off. One by one he sprayed the warts until he had “shot” them all. My daughter was very brave with each burning squirt. She tolerated the icy cold burning sensation but she was not happy. The doctor said to just leave them alone and the warts would slowly surface to the top of the skin and eventually peel off leaving hardly a trace. It could take a few weeks. That’s the good news. The bad news is he also said that the wart removal might not work and you will have to repeat the wart removal process all over again. We hoped it would work the first go ’round.

We hoped for complete wart removal on the first try, but unfortunately for my daughter, that wasn’t the case. The doctor told us that we could come back if we needed to repeat the wart removal process or we could buy an over-the-counter wart removal product at the pharmacy and do it ourselves. Since buying it at the pharmacy was considerably less expensive than my insurance co-payment, I opted to try wart removal myself, even though I am a mom and not a doctor or a dermatologist.

I went to the pharmacy and bought a product that was the most similar to what the doctor had used for wart removal. It contained salicylic acid and it came in a small canister with cotton swabs, which you could easily and safely insert into the canister and then push down and spray to soak the tip of the swab. With the moistened swab, you just apply the medication directly to the wart and hold the swab there for several seconds. Read the directions on the box to make sure how long to keep the swab on the wart. All products vary. If you keep the swab on the wart too long, you will burn your skin and it can be very damaging and painful so make sure to only keep it there the recommended amount of time. Take a new swab for cleanliness and repeat the process for each wart. Before we used the medicine, we read the box and we followed the directions, which said to soak the foot in warm water to soften the skin and then use a pumice stone to gently rough up the surface of each wart before applying the medicine.

Smoking Wart Removal! Not As Bad As It Looks

It was simple enough to do and my daughter wasn’t complaining too much about the pain, although it did burn. As a matter of fact, it literally smoked. Then we just left them alone. After a few days, some of them were blistered and others had red rings around them. Every day they came up from the skin a little more. After two weeks, half of the warts peeled off all by themselves. I’m sorry to say we did have to go through the entire wart removal process one more time before finally having complete success. In order to keep the warts away, I make sure my daughter uses a moisturizer on her feet, which keeps them sealed and protected. I also threw out her old sneakers and bought her a brand new pair!

Although wart removal can be a tough battle, if you are persistent, you can have complete success in getting rid of warts permanently. For more information on wart removal, you should speak to your doctor or dermatologist or you can research wart removal online and discover what type of warts you may have and what are your treatment options for wart removal. A resource which I can personally recommend is Moles,Warts and Skin Tags Removal.

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